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Crisco & Dez Read to Dusty’s Class

For some reason completely unknown to us, Dez was invited to read to her daughter Dusty’s class. Again, for a reason completely unknown, she decided to ask Crisco if he’d come with as a surprise guest. Just like that, the stage was set for a perfect disaster. The leader of the Dezbians and a man who brags about having the second worst GPA in the history of his high school were heading to River Falls to try and teach kids how to read. The only problem was, Dez and Crisco barely know how to read themselves. We knew this surprise appearance was destined for disaster and it had to be recorded. Keep in mind, they’re not reading books written by Herman Melville or Victor Hugo. However, by no means where the books they had to read a walk in the park or an easy read. The point of this visit was to help educated these and mold these young minds and the leaders of tomorrow. Granted, the books were no Dostoyevsky, but they were books written by a published doctor. Such books as One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book! We’re talking of course about the late, great Dr. Suess. Yes, it was now story time with Dez and Crisco, and as you might guess it was a complete “bleep” show! Let’s hear for Crisco and Dez kids here they come, by the end even the little ones were calling them dumb. They asked the students what they think and one by one they said they stink, to hear for yourself just click this link!