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Crisco Drops It Like It’s Hot!


Hanna called in for our weekly segment Write Us a Song Mr. Crisco Man and asked Crisco to write a song for her husband’s small business “Advanced Septic Solutions” aka A.S.S. Inc. Well Crisco certainly wrote a song for Hanna & Ben and it turned out to be one of his biggest hits. In this segment, Crisco debuts his song to Hanna and Ben for the first time. Certainly let us know what you think on our Facebook page. If you have a small business you’d like to get some free promotion and maybe, MAYBE gain another two to three customers in the process give us a call on Wednesdays. We do this segment every Wednesday and Thursday right around 7:30AM. Wednesday listeners call in and make their pitch why Crisco should write them a song. Crisco then picks who he feels most inspired by and then has 24 hours to write, record and produce a hit single. 24 hours later Crisco debuts his song to the listener, their business and our entire audience. Listeners then vote if the song is a Hit, Miss, or Hiss. Surprisingly. Crisco has written more hits than misses and helped a lot of businesses. Listen here and let us know what you think!