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Crisco Off for Surgery!

We all love our adorable, huggable big guy and we could never get enough of him! Unless you’ve been listening to this show for the past week. If you have been listening, you know that Crisco had a device implanted in his mouth that was making it very hard for him to talk. It’s also made all of us laugh extremely hard! But, there’s a reason he had this device in his mouth. Crisco headed in Tuesday morning for his mouth/jaw surgery. First things first, the surgery was a success and he’s doing great! The problem is, he has a gigantic fat tongue that is way too big for his mouth and is causing multiple issues for him. So, he’s finally decided to do something about it. It’s going to be a long journey, the whole process will take a year and consist of multiple surgeries. But, if you want to hear Crisco explain the whole process better, you can listen here.