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Crisco Write Us a Song: Hit or Miss

We kicked off a brand-new segment this week called Crisco Write Us a Song and it’s caught on like a wildfire! Every Wednesday now listeners can call in and state their case on why they feel Crisco should write them their very own song. Crisco will select the listener he’s most inspired by, write them a song and present it to them live on-air the very next day. These songs can be about anything. Happy, sad, from a marriage proposal to tough times. As was the case for this week’s inspiration, Brady. Brady called in saying Crisco, please write my wife and me a song. It’s been a crappy few weeks. We both had tires pop days apart, had to get those replaced. We’ve had a laundry list of appliances break in the span and the bill is well into the four figures. The past month or so has been really rough, please write us a song. Crisco felt for Brady, selected him and so the writing process began. Nobody knows exactly how Crisco’s process works. All we know is Crisco needs his space, privacy and to be by himself. He’s a man of mystery but give him his space and 24 hours and it’s almost a guarantee he’ll return with a smash hit. ALMOST, a guarantee. As they say in the music business, not every song can be a hit. And that’s exactly where you come in. Every Thursday Crisco will present his new song dedicated to the listener of his choosing. After we play it, we need you to text in and vote. Is it a “Hit” or is it a “Miss”, we’ll tally up the votes and the results will be read live on-air. Click here to listen to this week’s premiere of Crisco Write Us a Song. You can hear Brady’s story, how the segment works, the text results, and of course, hear Crisco’s new smash hit single. Well, you’ll hear if it was a hit or miss and you can decide yourself. If you want Crisco to write a song for you, call in on Wednesdays or send us an email to “” explaining why you feel Crisco should write you a song and what the song should be about. If the big guy selects you as his muse, he’ll get in touch with you to learn more about you and find a pathway to an emotional and deeply powerful song dedicated to you.