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Crisco’s Closet

Crisco's Closet

They’ve finally arrived! Crisco ordered nearly 30 new articles of clothing. Updating his ancient wardrobe (which is LONG OVERDUE) and creating Crisco’s Cool Crisp Closet. Day one. Crisco showed off a royal blue hoodie, tastefully decorated with triangles, dots and lines. Normally blue doesn’t mix well with green, but Crisco proves yet again, he’s not your normal man. His stunning green eyes will have you gasping for air as his new beautiful blue hoodie bedazzles you. As Crisco sits calm and cool in the cascading shadows, he silently says “Romeo is alive and I am man hear me roar!” It’s day 1 of Crisco’s Cool Crisp Closet. Stayed tuned, plenty more sexiness to come!