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Crisco’s Confession

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Crisco made a shocking statement today on the show. Some may call it a statement, others may call it disgusting. Regardless of what you want to call it, it definitely caught us off guard and lead to Dez and Crisco getting into a hot debate. Crisco stood firmly by his statement and was 100% sure their were plenty of people listening on his side and plenty of people that would support him. He immediately called to the audience and said all of you that support me and do the same please text in to prove there’s plenty of us out there that do this. Really to no ones surprise and like so many other times in his life, he got zero support and was shown yet again, nope, you’re own your own here buddy. Not one person is willing to proudly stand up and say Crisco, I’m 100% with you pal! Dez was so appalled by this that it even got brought up again after the show on our After Hours podcast. Crisco refused to admit he was in the wrong on this one and in fact, doubled down on his statement. What did he say/admit? Well listen here to find out. By the way, he’s still looking for one person to support him and admit they do the same. So, if you do the same and are actually willing to stand by and support Crisco, please let us know. Comment on our Facebook page, text in the show, just let the big guy know somehow that he’s not alone. I mean, we always love proving to Crisco that he’s wrong, gross, and alone and we certainly will continue to do that literally anytime we have the chance to. But, sometimes we just feel bad because he’s always wrong and always alone with the weird stuff he does in his own weird little world. So sometime we like to pretend “Hey buddy, look at that! You’re not alone, what’d you know?! Somebody does support you. I guess you got us on this one. Good job handsome ; )” Because when you watch someone constantly fail, constantly make a fool of themselves, constantly say and do dumb stuff, it actually starts to take a toll on you and you start to feel embarrassed and ashamed for them. Especially when it comes to someone like Crisco, whose proved time after time he’s incapable of feeling ashamed or embarrassed. We love you Crisco and you’re doing great! Keep it up, you’re doing it buddy!