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Crisco’s Cool Crisp Closet Week 2

Crisco's Cool Crisp Closet - Week 2

Crisco comin’ in hot this morning! Today Crisco is sporting a snazzy but subtle checkerboard style button-up from the Crisco’s Cool, Crisp Collection that screams “Ladies, I am absolutely, 100% free and available! Like, completely available.” while at the same time whispering “Hey Timberwolves, I’m a fan but don’t exactly want anyone to know.” Crisco dug deep into his cool, crisp closet to find this new, but always in style hidden gem. Leaving us wondering yet again, how the hell is this adorable, ocean blue eyed, cuddly teddy bear still single?? You better snag him up quick if you’re interested @criscoradio because he won’t be single for long!