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Crisco’s Done It Yet Again!

Cr Dog

For those of us following Crisco’s weight loss journey (which is most of us) know that for the past few months he’s been in the midst of his 75 Day Hard Challenge. A challenge that consists of a 45 minute indoor workout, a 45 minute outdoor workout, no alcohol, no cheat meals, following a strict diet program, drinking a gallon of water, reading 10 pages of a self-help book, taking a progress picture and more, every day, for 75 days straight. Crisco started this challenge at the beginning of May with the encouragement of his trainer. His trainer said he’s going to do it with him along with a whole group of people. Well, today is day 75 and he’s still going strong. At midnight tonight Crisco will have successfully completed and beat the 75 day hard challenge (assuming he follows the same rules he’s been living by for the past 74 days till midnight tonight). He started this test of character and willpower with his trainer and nearly a dozen other people. So, who all is going to overcome this challenge? Just Crisco… Out of all those people that started this challenge together back in May, Crisco is the only one remaining and the only one that will successfully complete the 75 hard challenge. Before his weight loss journey Crisco is the very first person you’d bet on to give up on this challenge first. Over the past 8 months or so, Crisco has not only transformed his body, but he’s transformed his state of mind. He’s proven he’s now the very first person you’d bet on to beat this challenge. And he was right. He’s the only one out of the entire group to complete this very difficult challenge. Yet another battle that Crisco was able to overcome throughout his weight loss journey. A journey that has captivated and inspired us all. Currently Crisco is down 157 pounds with the ultimate goal of losing 250 pounds and it’s no longer a matter of can he do it, it’s a matter of when will he hit that goal. For now though, Crisco is solely focused on the goal of staying hard for 75 days which he is merely hours away from. So, recently many people have been asking him the big question, what’s the first thing you’re going to do as soon as you’re soft? He finally answered that question today. He’s immediately making a trip to Carbone’s Pizzeria followed by a quick pit stop at Cold Stone Creamery. Well-deserved buddy, well-deserved. So here’s to you Crisco! Another stone toppled, another challenge conquered. Making the 75 day hard challenge, hardly a challenge. We can’t wait to see what you do next!