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Crisco’s Life Rules

In the 38 plus years our Crisco has lived on this earth he has learned so many valuable life lessons. A lot of do’s and even more don’ts. Some lessons we all learn throughout our lives, some lessons we need people like Crisco to teach us. Lessons like “never trust a fart” or “never pee on an electrical fence”. Some, if not most people just know these things. Others, such as Crisco, unfortunately have to learn these lessons the hard way. In hopes of saving others from having to experience these agonizing and painful moments, we finally got Crisco to agree to share some of his life rules with us. So, the other day the big guy took a moment to share some of his wisdom with all of us. “If you drop ice on the floor, always just kick it under the refrigerator” is one piece of advice that has helped many since hearing Crisco’s laundry list of “life rules”. A couple other helpful tips include “never go to Costco on the weekend” and “if you’re at a restaurant and there’s an older person in the kitchen, you’re food is going to be good!” Definitely useful information that we all can use! To hear Crisco’s full list of “life rules” along with some additional wisdom, click here. Also, if you have any life rules of your own that you’d be willing to share with us please visit our Facebook page and let us know. With your help, we may be able to save Crisco from a few more torturous tutorials throughout life’s journey and add a few more years to our loveable big guy’s life. Thank you!