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Da Ya Think I'm Movie Material? Rod Stewart reportedly planning biopic

Michael Putland/Getty Images

After seeing his colleagues Elton John and Freddie Mercury smash it at the box office as the subjects of acclaimed movie biographies, Rod Stewart is reportedly getting in on the fun.

The British tabloid The Daily Mail is quoting a source who claims that Rod’s camp is moving ahead with plans to make a movie about the rocker’s colorful life. 

“Rod is delighted. His management company is already drawing up plans and has spoken to at least one scriptwriter,” dishes a source. “His management company will organize everything, including the script and the casting, then they’ll find a film company to take it on.”

While one of the major plot points of Elton’s Rocketman biopic was his sexuality and his substance abuse, it appears that Rod’s movie will focus on reputation as a party-loving womanizer.

“His love life alone is enough for a three-hour epic,” dishes the source. “Rod’s always had a gorgeous girl on his arm and went through the whole 1970s party scene so there are plenty of wild tales to tell.”

“He’s survived a world which destroys so many and is still around today and is as popular as ever,” the source points out. “Hollywood loves a happy ending, and Rod’s story has that.”

Over the years, Rod’s fathered eight children with five different women, three of whom he married.  His current marriage, to Penny Lancaster, has lasted since 2007.

By Andrea Dresdale
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