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Damn It Feels Good to Be You: Andy Grammer hopes new single will “help people connect with themselves”

Alex Harper

Andy Grammer‘s latest single “Damn It Feels Good to Be Me” is a song that he wrote, he says, as a reminder to “follow the beat of my own drum.”  But he also believes it’s a song with a message that everyone can relate to and benefit from.

“It’s just a big, bombastic track about [how] it just feels good to be at a place where I know who I am,” Andy tells ABC Audio.  He says it takes the concept of his 2019 album Naive one step further.

“The whole idea of Naive is like, ‘I’m in on the joke and I don’t care,'” he explains. “But that’s still a little bit defensive. And ‘Damn It Feels Good to Be Me’ is like, ‘This is what I am,’ like, with a smile on. And I think a lot of people are gonna wrap their story around it.”

Andy compares “Damn It Feels Good to Be Me” to his previous hit “Don’t Give Up on Me.” That track was written from personal experience, but it was then adopted by fans as an anthem for whatever personal situation they happened to be struggling with.

“You’re trying to find a mixture of something that’s broad and specific enough so it really hits and people can use it,” Andy explains. “I love songs that people can use. And I think that ‘Damn It Feels Good to Be Me’ is gonna be a song that helps people connect with themselves.”

“Damn It’s Good to Be Me” is the first official single from Andy’s forthcoming album, which is due out in early 2022.  He’ll perform his other recent song, “Lease on Life,” tonight on ABC’s The Bachelorette.


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