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Dani’s Declaration: Dani Drops a Bomb!

A few months back Dani called into the Morning Show to be part of a weekly segment we do every Wednesday called “Write Us a Song Mr. Crisco Man”. A segment in which people can state their case as to why Crisco should write them a song. Crisco then has 24 hours to write, record and produce a song for them that will be debuted the next day. So, Dani laid out her case as to why Crisco should write her a song. Crisco listened to multiple listeners present their argument of why Crisco should write them a song, and out of all the listeners, Crisco felt most inspired by Dani’s story. Dani and her husband were having a really hard time achieving a goal they’d been striving for, for a long time. She thought with the right song, maybe it could give them that little extra support, inspiration, that little bit of whatever it might be that they need to finally achieve this lifelong dream. Well, months after debuting his song for Dani, Dani finally returned to the show to let us know if the song helped at all. We never expected Dani to drop this bomb on us! You can listen here.