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Demi Lovato releases deluxe edition of new album, hear “Sunset” now


Demi Lovato‘s Dancing with the Devil…The Art of Starting Over just came out on Friday, but the deluxe edition is already available.

The new edition adds four tracks to the original 19: a bonus track called “Sunset” and live acoustic performances of  “Anyone,” “Dancing With The Devil” and “ICU (Madison’s Lullabye).” 

According to Billboard, the live versions were recorded during the drive-in premiere of Demi’s YouTube documentary Dancing with the Devil.  “Sunset” was revealed as an additional song title during the screening of the documentary at the SXSW Festival, as was another song, “Say a Prayer,” which has yet to be released.

Sunset” is a gospel-tinged ballad that finds Demi begging a loved one not to leave: “Honestly, if I lost you, it’d be the end of me,” she sings. “So don’t let the sunset on our love/Don’t let the nightfall/Tear us apart, no/’Cause I’m lost without you, without you.”

In other Demi news, Variety reports that as part of a deal that saw her manager Scooter Braun sell his company to HYBE, the company that’s home to BTS, she and the other artists Scooter manages are sharing in the profits. 

Scooter took $50 million of roughly $1 billion he received from the sale and split it among the acts he manages, in the form of shares of the company. Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, both managed by Scooter, each got more than 53,000 shares, which are worth just under $10 million.  Demi, who hasn’t been with Scooter as long, got a little over 5,000 shares, which is worth about $996,000.

Smaller amounts of stock were given to other artists under Scooter’s banner including Carly Rae Jepsen, Asher Roth, rapper Quavo and the members of Florida Georgia Line.

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