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Demi Lovato says their gender identity “has nothing to do with my music or the direction it takes”

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Fans who are expecting Demi Lovato‘s new music to describe in detail what it’s been like to fully embrace their queer identity and come out as non-binary in recent years may be disappointed with what they’ve got coming, although Demi assures fans that they won’t be ignoring the topic entirely.

Speaking to Inked magazine, Demi says, “My gender identity has nothing to do with my music or the direction that it takes. But I am proud to be non-binary and I talk a little about acceptance from others in the lyrics of my new songs.”

Regarding their forthcoming project, Demi says, “I’ve only made a few songs so it’s still very new. My writing style hasn’t really changed much. It’s just going into the studio, thinking about a concept that I’m passionate about and wanting to write a song about it.”

Describing their new material as “more rock than anything,” Demi tells Inked, “I hope my fans can find inspiration in my new songs coming out and something to relate to in these times of uncertainty.”

But what the “Sorry Not Sorry” star is most looking forward to, they say, is being onstage. “I haven’t performed any of my new music, which is what I’m looking forward to most,” Lovato says. As for which of their old hits might be on the set list, they tease that they “still love performing ‘Cool for the Summer.'”

Of course, doing an interview with Inked magazine required Demi to comment on their tattoos: They have 22 and counting, and don’t regret any of them. They explain, “It’s important to me to get pieces of art on my body that represent who I am.”

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