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Despite all his success, The Kid LAROI is still “a little lonely sometimes”

Daniel Prakopcyk

The Kid LAROI recently tweeted, “AUSTRALIA TO THE WORLD” in celebration of his top 10 “Without You” remix with Miley Cyrus. But despite his global success, the teen artist admits that sometimes, he wishes he was back in Australia.

“[I] been out in the States now for almost two years,” he tells ABC Audio. “And although, yeah, this is where I live now, it’s my home…there’s, still, like a thing out here where it just feels like a little lonely sometimes.”

“I dunno. It’s just something about the energy when you’re back home,” he adds. “It just feels like, ‘Oh, I’m home.'”

One reason LAROI may be feeling lonely is that all his success — top 10 records, number-one singles and albums in Australia, meeting Elon Musk — hasn’t really felt the way he thought it would back when he was growing up and dreaming of moving to Hollywood and being a star.

“I dunno, for me, a lot of s**t is how I always thought it would be, but a lot of it is also not,” he says of the reality of fame. “All this time, you envision it and you wait for when it happens and you wait for a feeling to come…like, ‘Oh, my God!!!’ And the feeling never comes…the feeling just never comes.”

He laughs, “It’s just, like, you just feel the exact same. You’re just like, ‘Oh. This is cool.’ And you move on.”

“I learned that [on] Hollywood Boulevard, there’s not a lot of movie stars,” he laughs. “There’s just a lot of crackheads!”

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