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Dez Fulfills a Lifelong Dream!

Dez came flying into the studio after the weekend with a little extra pep in her step. We could all tell she had something on her mind, and boy she did. She couldn’t wait to share the great news. She had finally fulfilled a lifelong dream! Something she’s been wanting to do her whole life and she finally made it happen. We were all excited with anticipation! That’s awesome, what did you accomplish?! Did you finally buy something you’ve always wanted? Did you start a weight loss journey or experience a spiritual awakening? What happened? Tell us! She paused with glee on her face and then blurted it out, “I finally crashed a wedding!” Yes, that was Dez’s big lifelong dream. To crash somebody else’s special day. Did wine play a part in this? How the hell did this happen? Well, you can hear the story of Dez Crashing a Wedding here.