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Dez is Looking to Hire!

We all know and love our Dez! She’s special to us for so many reasons. But another thing we know, she’s not the best when it comes to organization. Specifically, when it comes to electronics and her phone. She has thousands upon thousands of pictures on her phone. She has literally never deleted a single picture off her phone. She has screens full of apps, half of which she doesn’t even know what the app is. She would have no clue how to even open her email if it wasn’t for our wonderful, patient I.T. team working tirelessly with her, just trying to teach her the right button to press. I.T. was able to show her how to open her email, but unfortunately they can’t be with her all the time to make sure she’s actually reading her emails. Not being able to communicate with Dez via email would occasionally create an issue or some confusion. Finally, Dez said “I thought about it, and I have a solution!” Wonderful we all thought! What’s the solution? “I’m going to hire an email assistant!” Come again? So, what duties are required of an email assistant? What are the hours and pay? What the hell is an email assistant in the first place? All these questions and more can be heard right here as Dez searches for her own “Email Assistant”.