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Did HBO Max really join the reality dating show scene?!

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IMAGE: HBO Max, cast of ‘Singletown’

Since it’s inception, we the people have always held HBO to a much higher standard. We expect HBO to create ground breaking and sophisticated content that moves us, challenges us and essentially raises the bar for other media/production companies.

Sure, we the people also LOVE watching hours of trashy reality television and messy dating shows, but there are other networks for that. We pay top dollar for HBO.

Well … this week, HBO Max released an official trailer for their new reality dating show, ‘Singletown,’ and if you take a moment to read the comments … people are less than impressed. There are plenty of garbage, mind numbing reality dating shows for us to watch. We don’t need another one, especially from HBO.

And even though, we certainly aren’t “enthused” about the show, will we hate watch every single episode? Absolutely.

Watch the trailer below:

Five couples are single for the first time in years and ready to mingle. Welcome to Singletown where their exes are their neighbors, and they are hitting up the hot dating scene in London. At the end of each week they meet their former ex to determine their fates, reuniting as a couple or remaining single. The heart is at stake.