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Ding Ding!


Dez had a few days off at the end of this week. So who do we turn to when Dez is out? Of course the one and only, T.J. The only person that can even come close to filling Dez’s giant shoes. Dez is our resident hillbilly and TJ is her redneck kin. We can always count on T.J. to leave us speechless just like Dez always does every day. The things she does, the things she says, and T.J. is exactly the same. Crazy on-air and even crazier off. We never know what they’re going to say next. Just when we think we know everything about each other, they say or do something that only Dez or T.J. could do. Something so ridiculous, so unique and most likely, something nobody else can relate to. In anticipation of the upcoming State Fair, the company put together a company picnic. Complete with delicious food, drink and a wide cast of characters from all over the building. They even had an ice cream truck fully loaded with all of our favorite summer treats courtesy of the Ice Cream Man. Now, among the aforementioned cast of characters was our beautiful T.J. Sitting around the table with Ryan, Crisco, Pidge and many other KS95 employees. Sharing laughs while scarfing down watermelon, corn, baked beans and various meats the KS95 crew chatted it up and shared precious life stories and childhood memories. It was just your ordinary conversation among besties. That is until something caught TJ’s eye and then she suddenly started telling us stories of her childhood “Ding Ding Man”. Huh? First of all, we know when you first hear “Ding Ding Man” it doesn’t necessarily conjure the best mental image. I can promise you, it’s not what most likely popped up in your or the rest of our minds immediately when you/we first heard the “Ding Ding Man”. Noooo, what caught T.J.’s eye was the ice cream truck parked 20 yard away and the ice cream man handing out an assortment of delightful frosty treats. So who’s the Ding Ding Man? Well, according to TJ, the Ding Ding Man is what everybody calls the ice cream man. Umm… No. Nobody calls him the Ding Ding Man. Yeah they do! That’s what everybody called the ice cream man growing up because the noise the truck plays when driving down the road. So one by one we went around the table asking every single person “Have you ever heard anyone call the ice cream man the Ding Ding Man?” Everyone said no. T.J. refused to accept the fact that he’s called the Ice Cream Man, not the Ding Ding Man. The rest of the day T.J. asked every single person she passed “have you heard of the Ding Ding Man and literally every single person said no. She still refused to admit it so we brought it to you, our listeners. Has anybody out there heard of or call the ice cream man the Ding Ding Man? One after another texts began to roll in saying “no” “nope” “The Ding Ding Man? T.J. you’re crazy and that’s creepy!” Then all the sudden we got a call, then another. One listener from Ohio and another from Illinois called in and said… Yes. Growing up in Ohio we called him the Ding Ding Man. The other, growing up in Illinois I know some people that called him the Ding Ding Man. TJ was ecstatic! “TOLD YOU!!” she shouted! “See, I’m not crazy!” Ok let’s not be ridiculous. You were right, there are a few people out there that actually call the ice cream man the Ding Ding Man, but you’re definitely still crazy. That we know for a fact! Finally the two sides seem to come to a happy and mutual agreement. There are a few people (odd balls) out there that call the ice cream man the Ding Ding Man, and T.J. is definitely crazy. Crazy in her own unique, beautiful, one of a kind way and there’s not one thing we would ever change about her! She’s amazing. But seriously, do people actually call the ice cream man the Ding Ding Man or did we just happen to find the two other people on this planet that are as “unique” as T.J.? Please let us know.