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Do we all see the same TikToks? Here’s a sample of my current faves.

Charlie Berens Midwest Nice-Off Youtube Screencap

This is so helpful! Can’t wait to get out and posin’ with my posse.

@mistyroddaphotographyCommon posing mistakes fixed – BFF edition! #posingtips #posinghacks #posingwithfriends #photographytips #fypシ @avaryishere

♬ Levitating (feat. DaBaby) – Dua Lipa

Here’s a silly one. We’re playing this song on KS95 from Silk Sonic which is Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak as a duo and I like it. Do you think Silk Sonic knew it’d turn into a silly text message thread trend?


This is too good 😂 #couplesprankchallenge #coupleschallenge #couplesoftiktok

♬ Leave The Door Open – Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic

This has to be one of my favorite TikToks recently. I’ve watched it many times and it still makes me laugh.


Midwest Nice-Off (feat. @ohhyoubetcha )

♬ original sound – Charlie Berens

Are all of these TikToks videos you’ve seen before? I wonder if the For You page is any good at recommending videos for you too?

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