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Doctor Ordered to Financially Support Patient’s Baby After Botched Vasectomy

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A Colombian doctor has been ordered by a court of law to financially support a patient’s baby until it turns 18 after the patient ended up conceiving the baby despite undergoing a vasectomy.

Diego Naranjo, a doctor from Medellin, Colombia, will have to pay millions of pesos to support one of his patients’ baby after he assured the man that the vasectomy he had performed had been successful and he no longer needed to use other means of contraception. However, the man ended up leaving his wife pregnant and having an unplanned baby. Subsequent sperm tests showed that the vasectomy had in fact not been successful, and the parents of the baby sued the doctor, claiming that his mistake had had serious implications, both financial and emotional. A judge has now ruled that the doctor must support the baby until it turns 18 years old.

The baby’s father suffers from a debilitating condition called severe bilateral hearing loss, which prevents him from working. He experiences frequent dizziness and vomiting and must wear a hearing aid in order to hear properly. The condition prevented the man from finding employment, so the judge ruled that the doctor responsible for the conception of the baby must be held responsible.

According to the recent court ruling, Dr. Naranjo will have to pay the patient’s family 80 current minimum wages, or $20,300 in moral damages, $13,200 in legal fees, and $31,500 as child support.