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Double Your Paycheck Is Back!


It was an amazing surprise to us all and it came at the perfect time! It’s officially fall, now can we say it’s officially the holiday season? It certainly tis the season of giving here at KS95. That’s right everybody, Double Your Paycheck is back!! Back in a big way and this time you don’t have to wait weeks or even a week to start winning cash. Double Your Paycheck starts this Tuesday, October 18th. So if you haven’t registered yet, you can click here to register now and enter for a chance to let us here at KS95 double your paycheck! Some people say “well I don’t have a job right now, can I still win?” Absolutely! You just have to sign up and LISTEN for your name at the top of every hour. We really just love giving you money, so we’re making this as easy as possible for you to win. You can listen to us on the radio, in your car or at work. You can stream KS95 online at home or in the office, Or, just download the KS95 mobile app and then you can take us with you wherever you go, you can listen anywhere! Others ask “well I already signed up for Double Your Paycheck in the past, do I have to register again?” Yes you do! New contest, new money, new entries. Again, we love giving our listeners money, so we want to give you the best chance of winning and make it as easy as possible. This isn’t one of those national radio contests where people all over the country are entering and anyone from any state can win. Nope, we love our fellow Minnesotans, we love our community, everyone in our KS95 family, we love our locals, so we keep it local! To learn more about the contest, read the official contest rules, and to register, click here . Good luck and we look forward to doubling your paycheck real soon!