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Dove Cameron says “99%” of articles about her are “inaccurate”

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Dove Cameron says “99 percent” of stories written about her aren’t true, especially if it’s about her being “a diva” or “mentally unwell.”

“I’ve seen a lot written about me,” she told Glamour of the “inaccurate” reports about her. She says most of these “surprising” stories are “assuming things about how I behave as a professional or a partner.”

“People will come up with these lengthy stories claiming to have witnessed something in my work environment, and it’s behavior that is so out of character for me — and that would literally never be tolerated on a set from anyone, even if they were the lead in a franchise,” the singer continued.

Although “there are a lot of misconceptions about Hollywood,” Dove says some headlines make her laugh.

“I am perpetually on time, social, and I always stay later than I have to because I love my job and I love humans,” the “Boyfriend” hitmaker quipped. “So, that’s always been funny for me to read.”

Dove also opened up about having to “dim my light for others to feel comfortable around me” when she was younger, noting she was labeled, “‘intense,’ ‘fiery,’ and ‘too much'” as a child.

“When I was first working as a teenager, I got to a point where I greatly diminished who I was so I could fit in and not overwhelm peers or adults I worked with,” she explained, noting that led to her being labeled “shallow” and “bubbly.”

Said Dove, “The reality was that I had gone to such great lengths to hide my intensity, my emotion, my trauma, and my intelligence as to not threaten or upset anyone around me.”

Because of this, her best life advice is to “honor yourself and do everything you can for yourself and your growth.”

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