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“Dress 100 Day” May Put My Child Into Therapy


Nilly had the choice of “Dress 100 day” or “wear pajamas” to school. She chose dress 100. Her humor is something else. One of the lenses popped out of her glasses and Ricky said “Let me clean it so you can see” and she replies “I’m 100! I already cant see” 🤣🤣 Poor thing MIGHT be one of the only kids dressed up. She was a little embarrassed going into school so I’m not sure how long this look will last but at least I got some pictures! Also this may be the experience in her core memories that ends up with her needing therapy one day 😬  Now I just wish I could see her at school to see if she was confident and shook her cane at anyone who may have made fun of her or if the wig IMMEDIATELY came off as soon as she went to her locker. I hope no one made her cry.  Sweet girl, I LOVE her for wanting to participate in something this silly. 

Side Note: Im pretty proud of my mom brain too cause she told me multiple times she didnt want to dress up, which Im totally fine with but I bought all the stuff for the costume “just in case” and wouldnt you know it THE NIGHT BEFORE she decides she does want to dress up. Thank god I kept it all juuuuuust in case.

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