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Dry February

It’s the latest challenge the Morning Show is taking part in. Well, half the morning show. Ryan and Dez decided they’re going to do “Dry February” together and they’ve invited any and everybody who wants to, to join them in this challenge. We all know Dez enjoys a nice glass of wine every now and then (aka every night) and Ryan likes a nice cocktail or Captain Pepper on the weekends. Since February is the shortest month they figured, there’s no better time than now! It’s not too late to join them. Crisco and Dez are just a handful of days away from completing the 4 Week Challenge and Dez is riding her momentum right into Dry February. They want as much support as possible and as many people to join them in Dry February. We’ll all keep track of our progress together and support each other on the Morning Show Facebook Page. Please let us know on our Facebook page if you’re going to join Dez and Ryan in this 28-day challenge and invite as many friends and family members as possible. And of course, keep us up to date on how you’re doing! Daily if you’d like : ) We’re here to support each other!