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Dua Lipa hits back at UK tabloid that claimed she flouted COVID-19 guidelines

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Dua Lipa is hitting back after a British tabloid claimed her recent music video shoot failed to follow COVID-19 guidelines and was raided by the cops.

In a message on her Instagram Story Friday, the singer calls the allegations “completely untrue” and says all the essential guidelines were followed. She says her lawyers have since contacted the publication, which she doesn’t name but is reportedly The Sun.

“A tabloid newspaper in the UK (who I won’t give free publicity to by naming), last night published a story about my video shoot in London and what they said was a flouting of Covid regulations,” Dua writes.

She continues, “This is completely untrue-absolutely all guidelines were complied with. This is one of many untrue stories published by this newspaper about me this year. My lawyers have sent a letter to the newspaper today.”

Dua ends her message by calling out some of the British press for having “more regard for selling papers than the truth or the feelings of the person they are talking about.”

“There have been far worse examples of this in the last year involving other British entertainment figures, but I am going to take my own small stand,” she concludes.

By Andrea Tuccillo
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