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Dua Lipa says Madonna proved that women can make music "for however long we want to"

Hugo Comte

Dua Lipa is only 24 years old, but she feels that there’s nothing stopping her from having a pop career for several decades more.  After all, she notes, Madonna‘s managed to do it.

Appearing on the podcast What We Coulda Been, hosted by her pal and musical collaborator, Chelcee Grimes, Dua said, “I wanna [make music] for as long as I possibly can. I feel like Madonna peaked at, like, 40, 45.”

“It was amazing. She made, like, the best f***ing pop album and she continues to f***ing kill it, so I think women, we can do it for however long we want to,” Dua declares.

Dua was likely referring to either Madonna’s album Ray of Light, which she released when she was 40, or Music, which she released two years after that.  Both albums were critically acclaimed and very successful, spinning off hits like “Ray of Light,” “The Power of Goodbye,” “Music,” and “Don’t Tell Me.”

But the “Don’t Start Now” singer added that eventually, she’ll slow things down.

“At some point, I don’t know when, I’ll retire with a couple of dogs and pick up smoking again!” Dua laughed.

By Andrea Dresdale
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