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Dua Lipa teases new music and a "couple of other things up my sleeve"

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A few weeks after winning the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album for Future NostalgiaDua Lipa is thinking ahead to her next era of music.

The 25-year-old British pop star recently chatted with YouTube’s RELEASED series and laid out her future career plans.

When discussing what she has on the table for this year, she replied, “I’ll be working on new music, I think, especially while I’m waiting to start touring.”

As for when she plans to hit the road, she has her fingers crossed that the tour will “hopefully [start] in September.”

In the meantime, the “Levitating” singer teased, “I’ve got a couple of other things up my sleeve which I’m excited about that I’ll be putting a lot of focus into it this year.”

She did take a moment to honor her Grammy Award-winning album, Future Nostalgia, which she released at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of its release.

While admitting dropping her sophomore album amid all the uncertainty was a big risk, Dua is glad the gamble paid off.

“Having it out during the pandemic, it almost feels like, immediately when we’re out of it, the record will become nostalgic of this time period,” the pop star predicted, saying her studio effort has already “taken on many different forms and lives in this span of…less than a year.”

However, she says Future Nostalgia will continue to have a special place in her heart, even after the pandemic is long gone.

“It will always be something that will remind me of this time, and it will be a very unforgettable and pivotal moment in my career as well,” she smiled.

By Megan Stone
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