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Duffy invites Instagram followers to share COVID-19 stories

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Plans to ease lockdown restrictions put in place as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a relief to some, while others fear a rush to normalcy will only increase the spread of the disease.

In the midst of that, Welsh singer Duffy invited her Instagram followers on Wednesday to share their COVID-19 stories, in hopes of bringing them together.

Alongside a graphic that simply contains the word “Talk” in quotes, the “Mercy” singer wrote, “This evening, I can’t sleep … I have the comfort of my bed and the health of all my family, to take shelter in, but many do not.”

After recognizing health workers who “face fatigue” and people standing in lines at empty food banks, Duffy asks, “How are you?”

“Tonight, some of us grieve the easing of enforced lockdown – and some of us appreciate it,” she continues. “The sense of security found in a common goal, a shared goal, is changing and could now stand to divide, which it must not, above all, in adapting to a new uncertainty.

“And so, I want to create a post where you can talk openly about how you are doing,” she explains. “I invite you to write here, if you would like that.”

She concludes by writing, “I look forward to reading how you are, about your life, and current experiences. For you to share your stories visibly with others too, here.”

In February, Duffy reemerged after a years-long absence, revealing in graphic detail in an essay posted to her official website that she had been kidnapped and raped.

“Now you know…and I am free.” she declared.

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