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Duluth or Bust!

duluth 6

Do people still say that?  “or bust” actually what does that even mean? LOL

Anyway, I’ve never been to Duluth and I’ve heard the best time to go is in the fall so we did all the fun Duluth things!  We stayed at Canal Park Lodge, it was super cute…right on the water. I would be the happiest person in life if I lived on the water or at least walking distance.  The restaurants were all so good! We had breakfast at the Duluth grill, their chai latte? BOMB.  We ate at Fitger’s Brewhouse and pretty much everything was amazing but the cheese curds were AH-mazing and the fish tacos were sooooo good, id get it without sauce next time cause its super spicy but otherwise best fish tacos I’ve ever had. We went to the aquarium and walked around the water.

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On the way home Nilly wanted to take pictures by random statues.  Sooo thats what we did, may i present to you The Nil’s statue photoshoot 😉

Our friends went to UMD so go bulldogs!

Duluth 2















Some rando gas station, literally zero idea where, it was just on the way home lol
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