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Dumbest Scams People Fall For

Phone Scam, fraud or phishing concept.
Unknown caller show on mobile phone screen.

Scams are everywhere these days and if you’re lucky enough to have never been scammed, chances are, you know someone who has. Some scammers are clever and good at tricking us, but others seem pretty obvious to most of us. A Reddit thread has people sharing those, by asking, “What’s a scam so stupid yet people keep falling for?”

Maybe these answers will help protect some people from a future scam:

  • “As a teller manager, I have had a few elderly people who actually believe their grandkids are in jail, and need to take $20,000 out of their accounts in cash in order to bail them out. I literally tell them they are falling for a scam, and to call their grandkids in front of me. Of course, the kid then answers. Their hearts are in the right place, but they need to think before they take large amounts like that — also, if they gave the scammers their personal addresses.”
  • “Phone scammers saying you can pay an overdue utility bill in Apple gift cards.”
  • “Any get rich quick subscription program. The actual get rich scheme is launching a subscription program for a get rich scheme.”
  • “Sending people money on dating apps.”
  • “Those ‘Lose 15 pounds in five days’ diets in supermarket tabloids.”
  • “The IRS NEVER calls you first! By law, they have to contact you through certified mail.”
  • “Psychic hotlines.”
  • “There are two scams involving essential oils. First is the MLM (multi level marketing), where you recruit people to sell overpriced crap to other people. The other is the idea that essential oils are a replacement for health care, people suggesting treating cancer and all sorts with oils instead of medicine.”
  • “‘Hey, what if I told you that you could get paid to travel and have incredible healthcare?'”
  • “Life coaches.”
  • “My parents spend over $100,000 a year on bullsh*t timeshares.”
  • “‘I’m calling about your car’s extended warranty…'”

Source: Reddit