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Duncan Laurence says “Arcade” is “the core of who I am”

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Paul Bellaart

The hit “Arcade” by Dutch singer Duncan Laurence made him a star in Europe, and now it’s become his breakthrough hit in the U.S. as well. Duncan says he’s happy that’s “Arcade” is the song that people all over the world know him for, simply because it means so much to him.

“I love it because I’ve always, always loved ‘Arcade,’  he told ABC Audio a few months ago.”It’s always been a special song to me…like, to me, that feels like the core of who I am, like, its music, its lyrics…lyrically, [it’s] a story that I’m telling — like a very, very sad story — but it’s something…I can hopefully [have people] relate to.”

“Arcade” appears on Duncan’s debut album Small Town Boy, but he predicted that on his next project, he’d try to keep that same kind of feeling, because people seem to enjoy it.

“I love the fact that that is the direction that I’m going to go into, because I truly believe that once you once you have that foundation and that sound, you can start working from that point, [and]  hopefully make new, amazing, beautiful songs and hopefully people will like it,” he said.

“And yes, there will always be a little bit of ‘Arcade’ sound in the next releases that I will do, definitely,” Duncan added.

Last week, Duncan released a collaboration with singer/songwriter Wrabel called “back to back.” Duncan praised Wrabel’s songwriting as “so honest and emotional” — which, not coincidentally, is how many people have described “Arcade.”

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