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Eagles enjoy best sales week in over a decade, thanks to new live album

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The Eagles are enjoying a music sales boom that is giving them their best numbers in over 10 years.

According to Billboard, the band’s new Live from The Forum MMXVIII has flown to number five on the Album Sales chart after moving 24,000 units in their first week.

The Album Sales chart, which was first erected in 1991, tracks the top-selling albums based on physical purchases.  The Billboard 200, on the other hand, includes digital sales and streaming numbers to compile their list of top sellers.

This is the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers’ best sales week since 2008’s Long Road Out of Eden — which sold 38,000 in its first week of release and bowed in fourth place on the chart.

Live from The Forum MMXVII‘s numbers were assisted thanks to the band releasing a variety of deluxe packages, from Blu-ray discs, vinyl sets and exclusive CDs. 

The Eagles’ new album is bittersweet, as it is the band’s first new album without vocals from co-founder Glenn Frey, who died in 2016 after a battle with pneumonia.

Live from The Forum is comprised of the band singing their classic hits during a September 2018 performance in Los Angeles, which includes “Hotel California,” “Heartache Tonight,” “Lyin’ Eyes,” “One of These Nights” and others.

By Megan Stone
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