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Ed Sheeran confirms he’ll release new music before his “bigger and better” US tour

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ABC/Paula Lobo

Rumors have been circulating for a while that a new Ed Sheeran album is imminent — but now we’ve got a confirmation from the man himself that by the time you see him on the North American leg of his Mathematics Tour, he’ll have some new tunes to play.

“There will be new music out by the U.S. tour, yes,” Ed tells ABC News. “And there will be more information on that in the new year.” 

Ed’s new album is reportedly going to be called Subtractin keeping with the mathematical names of his previous albums. He reportedly debuted eight tracks from the new album at a London show last week.

Ed’s last touring trek, the Divide Tour, broke the all-time record for highest grossing tour ever. But with the Mathematics Tour, Ed says it’s not about making more money — it’s about outdoing himself in terms of his show.

“I feel like when I put this tour into the ether … it wasn’t necessarily to compete with the Divide Tour, but it had to be a better show and … a more impressive show,” he tells ABC News.

“I feel like after you’ve had the best part of 9 million people come and see me with a loop pedal, I wanted to do something a little bit different,” Ed notes. “So yeah, going into planning this tour was very much, like, we have to make it bigger and better.”

One way it’ll be bigger, Ed says, is that it’ll have a longer run so he can “see more countries.”

“There’s lots of countries that I haven’t toured … and we’re excited to get to them,” he adds.

The tour kicks off May 6 in Arlington, Texas. Tickets are on sale now.

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