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Ed Sheeran focuses on Russian invasion of Ukraine in new “2step” remix featuring Ukrainian band Antytila

The "Atlas weekend 2016" music festival in Kiev
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Ed Sheeran teamed with Ukrainian band Antytila for a brand-new remix and music video of his song “2step,” which painted a heartbreaking image of Russia’s ongoing invasion of the country.

The new song, which dropped Monday on Antytila’s YouTube channel, has them contributing several new verses in their native language.  The band revealed the English translation of their lyrics in the comments, revealing it is their message to their loved ones who fled Ukraine while they stayed behind to combat Russia’s invasion.

The lyrics read, in part, “We are the heroes in this, and showrunners simultaneously/ The scenario is burning/ How many more missiles?/ Honey, I promise when it’s all over…/ I will dance with you so slow.”

The band also sings about their being awakened by sirens and watching their loved ones flee.

The equally heartbreaking music video focuses on a boy and a girl who aspire to be dancers.  While the boy dances through his war-torn city, the girl flees Ukraine with her mother and dances in a field.  The music video reveals the two were dance partners.

The music video also features frontman Taras Topolia, dressed as a military medic, singing in front of a tank.  He revealed on Instagram, “I’ve decided to tell his own story of how the war started for my family. And it’s not just my story, it’s the story of millions of Ukrainians whose families were separated by horrific bombing and war and sometimes forever.”

Proceeds from the “2step’ remix and music video will benefit Music Saves UA.  The music video was dedicated to film director Dmytro Manifest, who died during the invasion, and a close friend of his assisted in filming the music video.

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