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Ed Sheeran reveals Cherry Seaborn cursed at him when he proposed

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Ed Sheeran is known for having a way with words when it comes to expressing romance. However, when he got on one knee to ask Cherry Seaborn to marry him, he almost didn’t know what to say because of her hilarious reaction.

Speaking to the Swedish talk show Skavlan on Friday, the “Perfect” singer revealed what actually happened when he popped the big question.  “I remember getting down on one knee and her just being [gasps as he makes a wide eyed, panicked stare] and I was like, ‘Will you… marry me?’ And she was like, ‘Are you f****** JOKING?!'” Ed recalled.

He then added with a laugh, while mimicking the terrified expression he had at the time, “I just remember there was a long silence and I just went, ‘Please?'”

The “Shape of You” singer revealed that his wife’s reaction may have been due, in part, to her parents being unmarried because they didn’t think marriage was anything important, which meant Ed walked into the proposal “not knowing if she was going to say ‘Yes.'”

“That is the most human I have ever felt. The most. Because in my career, sometimes… I’ll be like, ‘Can I do this?’  And people will be just like, ‘Yep!’  You kinda get to a certain point where it becomes normal,” explained Sheeran, 30. “Then you are in a situation where you are literally on your knees being like, [‘Will you marry me?’]. And it’s such a huge life decision someone has to make in the blink of an eye.”

“Thankfully, she did say yes,” Ed grinned, before revealing, “This is the first time I’ve ever told this story!”

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Lyra Antarctica, last summer.

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