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Ed Sheeran shares hilarious video about how warmly he was welcomed on TikTok


Ed Sheeran joined TikTok a year ago and expressed on Tuesday that he may be dealing with buyer’s remorse.

Unlike his buddy Taylor Swift, who was able to launch several trends with her zany videos, the “Shivers” singer didn’t receive the warmest of welcomes when trying to entice aspiring singers to join him on a collaboration.

“A year ago I joined TikTok to create a trend for my new song ‘Afterglow.’ It went so well,” Ed explains, using a robotic narrator voice. “So many talented duets.”

Instead of a chorus of voices singing along as he strummed his guitar and sang harmony, Ed was accompanied by badly played instruments and loud household objects, like sewing machines and bullet blenders.  Each individual amped up their volume to the max so they could completely drown out Ed. 

For the instruments, one man is shown beating a guitar with a stick while another person toots his tuba like a foghorn.  There’s even one trumpeter who jokingly misses the assignment by playing “Jingle Bells” instead of the 2020 hit.

“Join TikTok they said, go viral they said,” Ed sarcastically captioned the video, which caused his friends and followers to react using strings of crying laughing emojis.  

Others praised the Grammy winner for knowing how to take a joke, while still others declared which “duet” was their favorite.  At the moment, the man squeaking his bald head in the shower appears to be the winner, with the “Jingle Bells” trumpeter in a close second.


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