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Ed Sheeran wants to sing at the wedding of the “best human being on Earth”

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Being that he’s a global superstar and all, you might not think Ed Sheeran would ever be willing to do something as pedestrian as performing at someone’s wedding.  But Ed says he’d “make himself available” for the upcoming wedding of a person he describes as “the best human being on Earth.”  And no, we’re not talking about Taylor Swift.

During an interview with New Zealand’s The Hits podcast, the hosts told Ed that they’d recently interviewed the prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, who’s marrying her partner, Clarke Gayford, this summer. Ardern, who’s known Ed since 2018, told the podcast that while she loves the idea of Ed singing at her wedding, she didn’t think “there’s any circumstances where he would ever want to play a wedding.”

However, Ed has proved Prime Minster Ardern wrong.  “I think that she is the best human being on Earth,” he gushed. “I know, like, politics is politics and people in New Zealand will have differences of opinion, but in England she is seen as just…it. We love her.  I love her.”

Ed added, “I would make myself available if I was free to play her wedding. I think she’s brilliant, and what you need in a leader.” 

Referring to New Zealand’s successful handling of the pandemic, he added, “New Zealand should be really proud….the whole world has looked at New Zealand and been like, ‘These guys have got it right.'”

In fact, Ed loves New Zealand so much that he said in another interview that if he didn’t have such strong ties to England, he would have bought a home in that country a decade ago.

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