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Report: In lockdown, Ed Sheeran’s learning to live off the land

Ed Sheeran
(Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

It looks like Ed Sheeran and his wife have been using all the downtime they’re getting while self-isolating to teach themselves how to live off the land.

The British paper The Sun says that Ed and wife Cherry have spent $47,000 installing ground source heat pumps on their huge estate in Suffolk County, England.  The pumps pull natural heat from underground and generate heat and hot water naturally, so much less electricity is needed.

According to The Sun, it’s all part of the couple’s quest to live partially off the grid.  A source in their village told the paper, “They are both passionate about reducing their dependence on things like fuel and food.  They grow vegetables, fruit and flowers and have chickens and are also introducing beehives for honey.”

“The plan is to see just how much they can produce themselves and the goal is to become self-sufficient,” adds the villager, noting, “They are just very keen to control where their food comes from.”

The Sun also claims the couple is going to put sheep and goats on their massive property, which includes two farmhouses, a four-bedroom house, a pub, a treehouse, a bungalow, a four-car garage, a gym, a pool, and a wildlife pond.

This push to become self-sufficient may have come from Cherry.  According to her LinkedIn page, she’s taken a leave of absence from her job at Deloitte UK to work as a “sustainability innovation consultant.  She’s pursuing “a series of sustainability projects,” consulting on a sustainability app, and studying for a postgraduate degree in Sustainable Business at the University of Cambridge.

By Andrea Dresdale
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