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“Either flying or drowning”: Shawn Mendes gets real with fans

Hutton Supancic/Getty Images for SXSW

Shawn Mendes decided to get real with fans on Twitter Tuesday night and let them know that, while he’s “okay,” he’s also “overwhelmed and overstimulated.”

In a lengthy Twitter post, the singer says he wants to “tell the truth,” but admits he’s afraid that “if people know and see the truth, they might think less of me…so in those moments of feeling low, I either put on a show or hide.” 

However, he reveals, “The truth, in current form, is a 23-year-old who constantly feels like he’s either flying or drowning. Maybe that’s just what it is to be in your 20s’ idk, or maybe that’s just me.”

Shawn notes that sometimes he doesn’t “really care what people think and I feel free,” while “most of the time, it’s a struggle…that’s the truth.” 

He adds, “The truth is even with so much success, I still find it hard to feel like I’m not failing, hyper-focused on what I don’t have, forgetting to see all that I do.”

“The truth is I’m overwhelmed and overstimulated LOL,” he continues. “The truth is ALSO that I’m okay.” He notes, “I[‘d] like to think that maybe me saying this might resonate with some people.”

After posting the note, Shawn tweeted, “im honestly so okay! i just wanna communicate with you guys in a real honest way.” He continued, “i guess im like damn if i’m feeling this with all of the blessings i have i imagine there must be so many people feeling this and just don’t want them to feel alone!!”

Many fans agreed that his message resonated with them. When one fan noted that the message “felt like a hug” from Shawn, he replied, “im really glad, this is definitely a hug from me.”

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