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Elise Davey

Elise Jayde Davey, age 9, has owned her cancer journey since January 2018, when her team of doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumor on her optic chiasm.  After failing several vision tests with her right eye at 4 years old, Elise was referred to an ophthalmologist at the M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital for further evaluation. It was there that an MRI revealed an optic glioma tumor. The tumor originated on the right optic nerve causing blindness in her right eye.  The medical team lead by pediatric oncologist, Dr. Chris Moertel, and pediatric ophthalmologist, Dr. Raymond Areaux, immediately began efforts to combat her brain tumor and preserve the vision in her left eye.  She endured countless chemotherapy treatments, including an experimental trial, requiring her family to travel to Minneapolis every other week for her cancer care.  Then, in August 2019, an MRI revealed her tumor was still progressing. Elise had to switch her treatment plan to six weeks of daily radiation at M Health Fairview.  Elise’s team continued to monitor her post-radiation response closely and in January 2020 decided to repeat chemotherapy infusions through this past July 2022.  Elise continues her cancer fight with a daily oral chemotherapy regimen while she and the Davey family wait for an MRI in October to determine the next path on their cancer journey.  In the meantime, we live each day fully.  We have learned to adapt and live in the moment due to the unpredictable nature of cancer.  We encourage those on similar journeys to look for the good in each day and appreciate the difficulties as both make you grow. 

Elise’s fierce grit and grace has encouraged others to live and love life.  Her family is proud that her faith and strength have not wavered. We are grateful for the countless forms of light, including our family, friends, the M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital medical and research teams and advocacy groups that have helped keep our path brighter.