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Ellie Goulding reflects on getting older in belated birthday post

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Ellie Goulding celebrated her 36th birthday on December 30 and had “some random thoughts” to share. The singer took to Instagram on Thursday to talk about what she learned over the past year.

Sharing a photo of her lounging in a green bikini, Ellie wrote, “Staying in the glow of everything I’ve accomplished (including the teeny things like getting out of bed) and not constantly downplaying things to myself to exhaustion. Accepting it’s ok to be proud.”

“Noticing that my anxiety induced adrenalin might be ageing me (or is that just age?!) but I also feel like I could lift a car at any moment, so I’m still quite lethal somehow despite being knackered most of the time,” she continued. “I have spent more time alone on walks this year than ever. Don’t always find the answers, but being in nature will always be the most healing and nurturing thing possible.”

The singer added she is reading more and is currently devouring Niamh Campbell’s We Were Young. She also praised the benefits of listening to classical music and revealed some natural remedies she took a shining to, like ashwagandha to manage her stress and magnesium to help her sleep.

“Sleep is crucial too. Lots of sleep,” she said. Ellie also said she is “sick of ‘trying’ but not with action verbs like doing.”

Finally, she signed off by asking if brunette hair is better and ruled, “Remains to be seen.”

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