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Ellie Goulding says motherhood “has taken over everything” about her life

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Ellie Goulding admits motherhood is not a walk in the park and says it has changed everything in her life.  The “Lights” singer revealed how having a baby not only changed her schedule, it also changed who she is as a person.

Ellie appeared on Secret Socials and revealed, “Motherhood has taken over everything, it’s influenced everything.”  

Ellie welcomed her son, Arthur, last year with husband Caspar Jopling. The singer said she has had her fair share of sleepless nights, but her maternal instincts soften the blow. “Obviously the first thing is you just want to be with your baby all the time,” she said. “And then it’s just this whole new world of emotion and sleeplessness, a combination of that!”

The Grammy nominee added becoming a mom has had a significant impact on her songwriting process. “I’ve managed to write a whole bunch of songs, actually it seems to have come even more naturally. I don’t know what it is,” she raved, but hinted fans won’t hear that music for quite some time.

“I haven’t quite hit that point yet where I’m wanting to talk about this thing I have with my child, and this insane bond and connection, and with my husband. I haven’t touched on that yet,” Ellie explained. She added of what fans will hear with her new album, “It’s kind of, like, if you were dancing to music on a different planet. It’s dance music, it’s electronic music. It’s kind of uplifting. It’s kind of sensual.”

The singer noted this new effort is “the opposite” of her last album, Brightest Blue, which she said was a “deep and meaningful” album about leaving her “wild child” days to enter “womanhood.”

Ellie released Brightest Blue, her fourth studio album, in 2020.  

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