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Ellie Goulding’s new book ‘Fitter. Calmer. Stronger.’ due in U.S. early next year

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Courtesy Harper Horizon

Ellie Goulding wants her American fans to start the new year off on the right foot, so she’s written a book to help them do just that.

Ellie announced her book Fitter. Calmer. Stronger.: A Mindful Approach to Exercise and Nutrition will finally arrive in the U.S. on January 3, 2023. The book was previously released in the United Kingdom.

The book includes tips and tricks from the singer about how she manages her anxiety, as well as the positive changes she made in her life. Ellie will also list some of her favorite recipes, exercise routines and training tips.  

“This book will help you develop a positive mindset and establish clear, achievable goals. Going far beyond diet and exercise, the book equips readers with tools and techniques that they can use every day to build a fitter, calmer, stronger version of themselves,” the synopsis reads.

It adds, “This means prioritizing self-care and flexibility and approaching wellness from a perspective that is sustainable — one that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve failed and, most importantly, allows room for fun and creativity.”

Preorders for Fitter. Calmer. Stronger. are open on the Harper Horizon’s website. It’ll be available in hardcover, e-book and audiobook formats.

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