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Em Beihold says knowing “Numb Little Bug” has changed lives is “the most rewarding thing in the world”

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A year ago, few people had heard of Em Beihold. Now, her single “Numb Little Bug,” documenting her struggle with depression, is platinum and she’s gearing up for a major tour next month.  But more importantly, the song has also helped many fans come to terms with, and take action on, their own mental health issues — and Em says that’s what really matters to her.

“It’s the most rewarding thing in the world, truly,” Em tells ABC Audio, “Like, the amount of people who have messaged me saying they feel less alone, or they sought out going to therapist or they talked to their family because they realize it’s not just me feeling this — I mean, that’s the best response you could get.”

“It proves that music actually can change people’s lives,” she adds, laughing, “Y’know, it’s not just, like, silly art that you’re making for no reason.”

But when she’s not changing lives, Em says she’s simply happy to have real, live people who are willing to come and see her perform, and sing along to “Numb Little Bug.”

“Hearing them sing it back to me, live is…crazy!” she marvels. “I mean, last year I was, like, writing little songs in my bedroom and putting them on TikTok, and I didn’t have a fan. And now the front row is, like, not even my friends and family — just, like, fans who waited in line first to be there…[it’s] unreal!”

Em’s new EP Egg in the Backseat, featuring “Numb Little Bug,” is out now.

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