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Emily Reetz

It was late summer of 2016 at Emily’s kindergarten check-up where there were concerns over her visual exam, which they prescribed Emily new glasses, and she went on with everyday life as usual. Shortly after, the family received several notes from her kindergarten teacher stating she was still having trouble seeing things, even with her glasses. 

After additional tests, more glasses and many more appointments Emily was ultimately diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis and after another MRI it was determined Emily had Optic Nerve Gliomas. 

Emily was referred to M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital to receive her chemo. 

Emily started chemo right away and the first round lasted about six months. She had MRIs and eye exams every 3 months to make sure things were stable and nothing more was developing. 6 months later, at one of her eye exams the OCT test showed activity. That is when they decided to start Emily on oral chemo which lasted 2 years and she did AMAZING. Tumors are stable and she is doing great!