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End of an Era


It’s been referred to as the fifth member of the Morning Show. An Iconic figure that had a larger than life presence. All eyes immediately flocked to it. You could see it coming from miles away. In all honesty, you could probably smell it from miles away. We all know it can be very hard to say goodbye sometimes. It can be so difficult, especially when you’re so emotionally attached and it’s been such a major part of your life for years. There day in and day out, all of us just start to feel like one big family. Well, earlier this week we had to say goodbye to one of our most beloved and adored characters on the show. It’s truly the end of an era and our KS95 family is devastated! We made the official announcement Tuesday during the show that sadly we’re saying goodbye to one of the favorites on the show that has given us plenty of laughs, material and memories over the years. Sadly, all great things must eventually come to an end. We just had no idea this end would come so soon and so unexpected. So, Tuesday we officially made the announcement, paid tribute, and said our goodbyes to a loved one we could never thank enough for all the contributions through the years. 7:35 Tuesday morning, Crisco, with a trembling somber voice made his announcement. He’s made a lot of changes in his life over the past year or so and because of that, new opportunities have presented themselves. Opportunities to upgrade and better his life. So with great hesitation and angst Crisco informed us that he is moving on from what was such a big part of his life and provided him with memories that he’ll cherish forever. Something that allowed him to travel all over Minnesota to so many wonderful events and meet so many wonderful people. That’s right, Crisco informed us he’s moving on from his champagne colored Equinox. His disgusting granny mobile that was filled with love, memories and most of all, tons and tons of fast food wrappers. He took his dinged-up champagne SUV completely covered in scratches and dents, wreaking of French fries that were stuffed into every crevice of that vehicle and the Mountain Dew, melted cheese combo stained suede seats and somehow traded it in for a silver 2022 Honda Accord. We were absolutely shocked at the announcement to say the least. Now don’t get us wrong! His 2022 Honda He Can’t Afford is a beautiful piece of machinery. But after trying to pay off his infamous granny Equinox month after month for years and finally being so close to completely paying it off and owning the car outright, we can’t help but ask ourselves, was this really a good idea Crisco? The majority of people, if not 100% of people say no, this was a terrible decision Crisco! You need to go back and see if the dealership takes returns. Give back the Accord, hop back in that dusty old Equinox and act like this never happened. There is actually one person that thinks this is a good idea, but he’s known around KS95 for making bad decisions. His name is Crisco. He continues to stand firm with his choice and insists that this is the new car for him. Unfortunately for Honda, that means the luxurious Honda Accord is the newest make and model that Crisco will single handily devalue and most likely, ultimately lead to its demise. So we just want to say the Honda Accord is truly a wonderful vehicle and please don’t judge it off the fact of that’s what Crisco drives. It’s not Honda’s fault Crisco picked them. In fact, they’re actually the ones that first contacted the dealership and asked them to please make this one exception and let Crisco make a return. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we’re looking for a name for Crisco’s brand new ride. Again, it’s a 2022 silver Honda Accord Sport. Please visit our Facebook page and tell us what you think Crisco’s new car should be named!