Crisco, Dez & Ryan

Secrets: I JUST learned to (Blank)!

I JUST learned to (Blank)! “After years of using a laptop, I just learned if you put two fingers on the mouse pad it will allow you to scroll up and down on the screen.” “I just learned, this very second, that if I double tap my Samsung screen it turns on. Lol, I’m a 46 year old man. Thanks Dez!” “I just learned that, in fact, drums are not drumsticks from teeny tiny chickens, but they are a part of the wing. I am 43 years old.” “I’m 28 and I just found out that moonlight is a reflection of the sun. Always just thought it was bright…” “37 years old, pregnant with my second child, just learned at my last ultrasound that the baby is PEEING inside me!”

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