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Even if the world was ending, JP Saxe is ready to put his Grammy next to his grandpa's

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Nirav Patel

JP Saxe and Julia Michaels are nominated for the Song of the Year Grammy for their duet “If the World Was Ending.” If they were to win, it’d be extra special for JP because his late grandfather, a renowned cellist, won a Grammy in 1998.  JP inherited grandpa’s Grammy, so he’s ready for it to have some company.

“Grandpa’s Grammy is right there and it’s got a space waiting next to it, and if it’s not now, someday there will be one there,” JP predicts to ABC Audio.

But JP is finding it hard to even comprehend that yes, he is nominated for a Grammy, alongside Julia, his real-life girlfriend.

“I don’t entirely feel as if I have the emotional shelving to place the proper amount of enthusiasm that should come from this kind of validation,” jokes the Canadian singer. “But conceptually, I am extremely happy about it.”

“Sunday is going to be an adventure and I will be sharing it with the most spectacular possible date,” he adds, referring to Julia. “And any degree of being overwhelmed that I will feel my go-to will just be to look at Julia” — who’s been nominated before — “stare into her eyes and have her tell me everything’s going to be fine.”

The two will be attending the socially-distanced ceremony on Sunday, but as JP tells ABC Audio, he’s not really sure how the whole thing is going to work.

“I know Julia and I will be there together. I know we have our outfits picked out. She looks absolutely stunning. And I will be very enthusiastic arm candy!” he laughs. “But yeah, what we go to, or where, or how, are not answers that, at least I have…yet.”

The Grammys air Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

By Andrea Dresdale
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