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Evermore Park drops trademark infringement suit against Taylor Swift

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Beth Garrabrant

Taylor Swift was handed a victory on Wednesday after the owner of a theme park in Utah dropped his suit against her for trademark infringement.

The attraction, named Evermore Park, sued the “willow” singer over her ninth studio album Evermore — accusing the EP of causing “actual confusion” among customers, violating the park’s copyrights and profiting off a brand that took years to build.

The park’s owner also claimed to be the owner of the Evermore trademark since 2015.  The park, which was was founded three years ago in in Pleasant Grove, Utah, celebrates medieval villages, myths and legends.

In return, TAS [Taylor Alison Swift] Rights Management, which handles the rights to Taylor’s trademarks and music, launched a counter-suit saying the park used the 31-year-old’s music — singling out hits “Love Story,” “You Belong with Me” and “Bad Blood” — without a proper license.

On Tuesday, both parties agreed to drop their respective lawsuits and end their ongoing legal feud.

In a statement to ABC News, a rep for the Grammy winning singer announced, “As a resolution of both lawsuits, the parties will drop and dismiss their respective suits without monetary settlement.”

Now with her legal woes behind her, Taylor can now focus on the arrival of her hotly anticipated release of her first re-recorded album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version).  The album, which will feature 26 songs — including six unreleased hits “from the vault” — is due out April 9.

It also should be noted that fans will be able to purchase the album for $13 — aka Taylor’s lucky number.

By Megan Stone
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